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Rajadharma is the means to achieve this at the community level and the civilizational level. Politics makes Statecraft possible, and Statecraft is about the implementation of Governance. This is the relationship between Rajaniti, Arthasastra, and Rajadharma. It is why Rajaniti and Arthasastra are subordinate to Rajadharma. Welcome to the Indic Civilizational Portal: the cultural network, interface, and database for the serious Indic person. For the latest articles on the most relevant ICP topics, click on the titles below the icons or go to the menu to view by subject area. The Politics of Language March 20, 2016 Uncategorized Cinema, Culture, Dharma, Elite, History, India, Language, Law, Politics Admin A version of this Post was published at Andhra Cultural Portal on September 30, 2014.

Indic history is filled with glorious empires, righteous kings & queens, and cultural achievement. From the Ikshvaku dynasty the Solar Dynasty of Bhagvan Shri Ram to the Mauryas to the Marathas, the subcontinent’s sagas are recorded in the pages of Itihaasa and Purana. With the myriad issues facing Indic Civilization, there simply isn’t time for the Argumentative Indiot to argue his way into oblivion. Eristic, self-serving reasoning has to be replaced with self-disciplined discussion premised on pragmatism. 10. Pay attention to national and international news. Understand macro-politics.

Politics ain’t beanbag, and macro-politics ain’t for amateurs, intellectual or otherwise. The first qualification for this is the ability to shut up. And this is single-biggest thing “moron hindus” lack understanding of today: the value of ‘shut up’. Videshis aren’t here to save you because videshis aren’t interested in saving you. Jharkhand Elections - The BJP may not cross the Finish Line but it won't be too far behind either. 09:46 AM, Dec 11, 2019; Shwetank Bhushan. A student of Pre-modern India, of virtually any Caste or tradition, could gain access to a thorough grounding in the spiritual philosophy and value system that supplemented the family traditions and practices, and provided a context for the cultural training and. Civilization as political concept Interview with the leader of the International “Eurasian Movement”, a philosopher, and a professor at Moscow State University Alexander Dugin. Interviewed by the Global Revolutionary Alliance’s own Natella Speranskaja.

As it has been a number of years since Indic Civilizational Portal has been founded, we felt neglect of such a critical Civilizational subject could no longer continue, and respectfully took the task upon ourselves to write. Introduction. True to the name Sikh, we. Sapere l’Europa. Sapere d’Europa Direttore General Editor Lauso Zagato Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia Comitato scientifico Advisory Board Antonio Arantes UNI.

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